2022 GGANS Membership

New and returning members of GGANS can find a downloadable registration form for 2022 here: GGANS 2022 Membership Form

Instructions for registering electronically and via regular mail are included on the form as well as the fee schedule for 2022. If you have questions on how to register or require assistance please send us a note at info@ggans.com

Welcome to The Grape Growers’ Association of Nova Scotia

The Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia has been instrumental in the growth of the grape growing and wine-making industry over the past 35 years. Learn more about our organization and its history.

As the grape and wine sector has become more established, farmers are becoming more interested in exploring the opportunities in Nova Scotia. Learn more on growing grapes in Nova Scotia. Through education, training and research, our Association is a leader in helping to grow the best quality grapes possible in our climate. Learn more on our research and education initiatives.

With a focus on producing quality grapes, GGANS is proud to be a founding member of the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network.  Through research and rigorous certification protocols, the CGCN is working to ensure quality grapevine material across Canada.

We now have more than 100 members, and as the industry grows, we expect to grow as well. Interested in becoming a member of GGANS?