Canadian Grapevine Certification Network


The Canadian Grapevine Certification Network (CGCN) is a Canada-wide not-for-profit organization whose membership is comprised of four provincial grape-growing associations – the BC Wine Grape Council, the Grape Growers of Ontario, the Grape Growers’ Association of Nova Scotia, and Conseils des vins du Québec.

One of CGCN’s primary goals is the advancement of Canada’s grape & wine industry by establishing a sustainable domestic supply of certified virus-tested grapevines. Grapevine viruses pose a significant threat to the industry – they can cause reduced yields, lower sugars, less colour, lower levels of aroma and flavour compounds, and delayed ripening, all of which translates into lower quality fruit and inferior wines for the Canadian and international markets.

CGCN has developed several sets of Certification Standards based on industry best practices to mitigate the negative effects of grapevine diseases and make high-quality, clean plant material accessible to nurseries, growers, and wineries alike:

  • The Long-Term Certification and Interim Verification programs pair rigorous virus testing with regular inspections, vector control policies, and other measures so nurseries can propagate clean grapevines for sale to growers.
  • The Custom Propagation program allows growers or wineries to have pre-existing plants from their vineyard virus tested and propagated by a CGCN partner nursery, which are then sold back to the grower/winery. This program offers participants the opportunity to not only verify that their pre-existing and new grapevines are healthy, but to plant propagative material from a source that they trust (themselves) and to have easier access to new plantings of potentially uncommon varieties.

CGCN’s programs can help nurseries, growers, and wineries invest long-term in the health and quality of their vines, leading to economic benefit and the sustainability of the grape & wine industry across Canada. Please visit to learn more about CGCN and their Certification programs.