Research and Education


The growing of grapes in a relatively cold climate like Nova Scotia requires education and training based upon experience from similar climates around the world. GGANS is building upon that experience to develop best practice guidance. All those who wish to contribute to this knowledge base are encouraged to join GGANS. GGANS also offers In the Vines educational experiences and members also have access to educational resources to help them grow their knowledge and the quality of their grapes.


The Nova Scotia Community College Kingstec, offers both introduction and intermediate grape growing courses.


While building upon the experience of others is important, much of the success in our industry today and into the future depends upon research that is specific to our climate, soils, and market interests. GGANS works closely with its members and research organizations to assess research needs and set priorities. Our members also have access to extensive links to materials that show the results of research work. If you have a specific research interest or need, please consider becoming a member of GGANS.

One of the major research entities in Nova Scotia is Perennia – a Nova Scotia company that offers integrated services to agri-food and bio-resource companies in production,  quality and food safety, bioventures and new product development.

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