Our Organization

GGANS is a not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia in 1982. We currently have more than 100 members.

The Vison, Mission and Purpose of GGANS

The vision of GGANS is to create an environment that fosters the growth of an economically viable grape industry in Nova Scotia. 

GGANS views its mission as being committed to the advancement of the production of quality grapes in Nova Scotia by being an advocate of education, research, leading edge business practices and by building strong bonds and alliances with all of our strategic partners.

The purpose of the association is to help the industry to continue to believe in itself, to maintain confidence and act as a facilitator to move the NS grape industry forward.

GGANS’s 5 Year Strategic Plan

GGANS commissioned a review of its Strategic Plan in 2017 and adopted an updated plan to focus on quality in 2018. Members of GGANS can access information on our strategy and plans.

Read a brief outline on the history of our organization or learn more about information on organizations that are related to our work.


GGANS Board of Directors

The GGANS Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of individuals from within the membership.

Steve Ells  – President

Scott Savoy – Vice President

Robert Prange – Treasurer

Melanie Eelman – Secretary

William Armstrong – Director

Anne-Marie Muttart – Director

Marcel Kolb – Director

Dan Thimot – Director

James Warner – GGANS Representative at WGNS

Dr. Bruce Wright – Past President

Louis Coutinho – WGNS Representative at GGANS