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The Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia recommends two books for grape growers: Wamboldt’s Nova Scotia Winegrowers’ Guide 2006 edition and The Tangled Vine.The two books are quite different with Wamboldt’s Nova Scotia Winegrowers’ Guide 2006 edition being very much a how to book whereas The Tangled Vine is more of a historical and regional book.

Please Note: The books may be available in your local library. The books are not available through GGANS at this time.

The Tangled Vine

Content includes chapters titled:

  • Native grapes and early plantings
  • The Kentville Research Station
  • The Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia
  • The Farm Winery Policy
  • The 21st century: growth and optimism
  • Wine regions of Nova Scotia
  • The Annapolis Valley
  • The Gaspereau Valle
  • The Avon River Valley
  • The Malagash Peninsula
  • The LaHave River Valley
  • The Bear River Valley
  • Other winegrowing regions
  • A vision for the future
  • Nova Scotia grape varieties
  • Nova Scotia grape production 1981-2003

Wamboldt’s Nova Scotia Winegrowers’ Guide 2006 edition

Content includes chapters titled:

  • Vineyard Calendar
  • A brief history grape vines in NS
  • Economics of Nova Scotia vineyards
  • Vineyard site selection
  • Grape varieties for Nova Scotia
  • Site preparation, planting and trellising
  • Pruning and canopy management
  • Nutrient management
  • Weed and pest management
  • Growing grapes organically
  • Techniques for advancing maturity
  • Setting the harvest date
  • Winter Injury Making wine from Nova Scotia grapes
  • Starting a farm winery