Membership Services and Benefits

Some of the benefits of Membership in GGANS include:

  1. Annual General Meeting which is held each year in March. The meeting agenda covers the usual business sessions required of an AGM along with guest speakers from within the province and beyond. Our meetings usually draw a group of 80 to 100 members so it is a great opportunity to network.
  2. Annual Vineyard Tour held in August and includes tours of various vineyards and wineries with wine tastings along the way. We have approximately 100 people on the tour each year. The day is an opportunity to meet with fellow growers to exchange ideas and expand communications.
  3. Copies of minutes from all Board Meetings keeping members up to date on what is happening within the organization and the industry.
  4. Membership list of all GGANS members with contact information so that growers can stay in contact with each other.
  5. All members have their name added to the GGANS e-mail Distribution list to receive e-mails on GGANS information, articles, events and updates on what is happening within the industry. Members who are looking for or have for sale vines/cuttings/equipment can have this information sent out to the list.