Become a Member of GGANS

Thank-you for your interest in joining GGANS. We are a strong voice for the grape growing industry in Nova Scotia. We represent grape grower interests in our partnership with the Wineries, governments, educators and the broad culinary and tourism sector. Membership offers the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to add your voice to our industry
  • Access to members only section of the website, including resources on education and research
  • Regular updates on developments of interest to grape growers including buy/sell connections
  • Networking and annual meeting events to learn about the industry and connect with other growers and industry partners. Special speakers often attend and approximately 80-100 people usually turnout
  • In the Vines educational events

We are open to all who are currently growing grapes, or are actively planning to plant. We also encourage those who are associated with the industry or just have an interest in the industry, to become a non-voting Associate Member.

The cost of membership varies according to the size of your farm or the type of membership you have.

The Current Fee Schedule (2022) is as follows:

Grape Growers and Would Be Grape Growers (Full Members)
For grape growers with less than 5 acres planted – $86.25 (includes HST)

For grape growers with more than 5 acres planted, $86.25 plus $17.25 for every acre greater than 5 acres (includes HST), up to a maximum of 11 acres, or a maximum of $189.75 (includes HST).

0-5 acres              $   86.25

6 acres                  $ 103.50

7 acres                  $ 120.75

8 acres                  $ 138.00

9 acres                  $ 155.25

10 acres               $ 172.50

11+ acres             $ 189.75

(All prices include HST)


Associate Members
$115.00 (includes HST)


All membership fees are paid via cheque or e-transfer at completion of member registration.